Online resources to learn more about your cancer and treatment

There is a considerable amount of information online about cancer, much of which is thorough, easy to understand, and accurate. Below are a few suggested sites.

More information about radiation

RT Answers, Written by the American Society for Radiation Oncology, this site provides an excellent and thorough overview of radiation therapy. A few direct links are provided here:

RadiologyInfo is another site with a good, brief overview of radiation.

More Information about your cancer

The National Cancer Institute, “the federal government’s principal agency for cancer research and training,” has a wealth of information about cancer and is relatively easy to navigate. This is a great place to start learning.

American Cancer Society is a very large non-profit that is over 100 years old, dedicated to the treatment and elimination of cancer. There is detailed information on individual cancer types.

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network has a wealth of resources for patients about individual cancer types.

The prostate cancer foundation is a large charitable organization whose mission it is to “improve the prevention, detection and treatment of prostate cancer.” The website is full of good information on prostate cancer, and they offer a large free PDF for download or mailing here. is another wonderful nonprofit organization with a well-organized and informative website. It also has a detailed description of breast radiation here.

The Go2 foundation for Lung Cancer has much information specific to lung cancer, and has a description of radiation for lung cancer here.

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