Radiation Oncology Associates

Founded in 1984 by 3 physicians, ROA has grown steadily into the largest provider of radiation oncology services in the state. With 17 physicians and a combined experience of over 200 years, we have become a leader in providing high quality cancer care in the Midwest. Growing from our roots in Milwaukee, we now staff cancer centers as far north as Marinette, south to Kenosha, and west to Oconomowoc. Despite our geographic extent, we continue work as a cohesive, collaborative partnership.


“To provide the highest quality physician staffing and leadership for radiation oncology departments.”

Patient Care

Our goal is simply to provide the best care for cancer patients, bar none. Our doctors are highly trained, professional, compassionate, and committed to excellence. With a passion for detail, we will study your cancer, and individualize your treatment for the best possible outcome.


A cancer diagnosis is one of the most difficult challenges a person can face in his or her lifetime. The doctors of ROA understand this challenge, and promise to approach your care with compassion and understanding.


The doctors of ROA routinely take on leadership positions at their hospitals, from serving as clinical directors of their department, to participating on hospital committees, to organizing and leading multidisciplinary weekly tumor boards. We take on these positions so that we may continuously work to improve the state of cancer care in Wisconsin.


All of our locations have multiple clinical trials available for patients, and our doctors can help determine if any are right for you. Clinical trials help bring state of the art treatments to our patients and help to shape the future of cancer treatments.


Radiation oncology relies on complex and constantly evolving technology, that in recent years has advanced with dizzying speed. Our locations are all equipped with cutting edge equipment in order to provide you with the best possible care. Your doctor will be happy to go into detail about the equipment that will be used in your care.


ROA doctors believe that coordination and communication are key elements of excellent healthcare, and we routinely work closely with your surgeons, medical oncologists, and other doctors. As a large group, we also have the luxury of easily reviewing complex cases with our partners, so getting multiple expert opinions is routine for us.

Radiation Oncology Associates