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Pamela Vanderwall, M.D.

Dr Vanderwall, a lifelong resident of Wisconsin, received her combined undergraduate and medical degrees through the Medical College of Wisconsin in the Target MD program. She completed her residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin and feels privileged to care for friends and family locally.

Her patients receive state of the art care, as she is comfortable treating all types of cancer, with additional expertise specializing in breast and gynecological cancer and is uniquely qualified in the management of pediatric malignancies. She embraces the cutting edge of cancer care by participating in medical research and clinical trials. She is the radiation oncology representative for the Precision Medicine committee, which seeks to provide optimal individualized therapy, and was listed a co-author on a Precision Medicine publication in the 2019 Journal of Patient Centered Research.  Dr Vanderwall has been an invited speaker at several international meetings through the Pediatric Radiation Oncology Society.

She is board certified in radiation oncology with a lifetime certificate, yet has voluntarily committed to ongoing quality of care and life-long learning through the maintenance of certification program, as required of current new graduates.

Dr. Vanderwall provides compassionate care with creative problem solving and works tirelessly to offer her patients the best possible outcomes. She believes in a wholistic approach, combining best-practice strategies based on scientific research, with comfort provided from a family-like atmosphere close to home.


ABR Board Certified

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