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John Naida, M.D.

Dr. Naida’s primary practice location is Aurora West Allis Medical Center. He went to medical school at the University of Michigan and also completed Radiation Oncology Residency at the University of Michigan. He has been in practice for 30 years.

He has special interest in radiation treatment for cancers of the breast, prostate, lung, gastrointestinal tract, head and neck, and gynecologic malignancies. He also does palliative radiation for patients with metastatic (Stage IV) cancer. He specializes in both external radiation (IMRT) and internal radiation (brachytherapy).

“My approach to cancer treatment is to individualize care in every case. This means that I must know a patient’s wishes and incorporate them into a treatment plan. I also need to work closely with other doctors on the cancer care team to coordinate care.”

ABR Board Certified

Radiation Oncology Associates